Benefits of ventilated façades

This system has numerous advantages: it is an excellent insulator for thermal variations, it saves energy consumption in buildings, it isolates sound, it prevents water vapor from condensing, it is easy to install and maintain.

Excellent insulator

Thermal insulator

Thanks to the air chamber system that is created between the ceramic and the wall of the building. In hot periods less heat absorption is achieved and in cold periods less dispersion of the interior heat, thus achieving a pleasant temperature all year round.

Energy saving

Less spending on heating and air conditioning. Due to the insulating qualities of the facade, an energy saving of between 25-40% is achieved.

Elimination of condensation water

The presence of the air chamber facilitates the evacuation of the water vapor from the interior, favoring the exit of any humidity due to leaks.

Acoustic insulator

This system drastically reduces environmental pollution. Avoiding health problems derived from noise such as stress, fatigue, headache, lack of concentration … recommended for schools, pavilions, theaters, offices …


Perfect system to eliminate the problems of humidity of the facades and communities.

Resistant to the passage of time


Ceramic pieces fired at a temperature of 1200ºC are unalterable over the years and inclement weather.

Always the same color

Have complete peace of mind in choosing your color, as it will not be altered by the sun or rain.

Zero maintenance cost

The maintenance cost over the years is practically nil, since it cleans itself with rainwater.



Tempio reincorporates all the waste and leftovers from previous productions to the production process, thus not creating waste.

Clean water

The manufacturing system recycles the water in a closed system that avoids any discharge of wastewater.


The clays we use minimize the emission of CO2

Solution for rehabilitation

Direct application

Convenient system in renovations to renew the aesthetics of the building since it is very easily placed on old structures.

No waste

The substructure and ceramic plates are applied directly on the existing façade, thus avoiding the creation of large amounts of rubble and the cost derived from its removal.

Revaluation of the property

After the application of a new facade, your building completely changes its appearance, looking more current, modern and therefore substantially increases its value.

Constructive advantages

Easy on site installation

The system deals with elements assembled on site ‘dry’ by means of mechanical type hooks.

No cracks

Protection of the wall substructure. Cracks caused by construction movements are prevented from being visible.

Replaceable piece by piece

Possibility of intervening on individual parts and replacing them with others in a simple way.

Fastening with hidden staple

Pieces created for this system in which the staple is hidden but without having any type of incision in the ceramic as occurs in other systems and that weakens the piece.

Services hidden

This system allows cables and pipes for gas, water, electricity and air conditioning to be passed in a hidden way between the wall and the ceramic. It also enables repairs without the need to chip the wall, simply removing the pieces from the affected area and replacing them after the intervention.

fk profile

Tempio piece


Vertical T profile


Horizontal profile