Incheon Asian Games Polo Stadium

Incheon, South Korea

Junglim Architects

This imposing polo stadium was created for the Incheon Asian Games. It is surrounded by flowers and gardens and covered by natural ceramic material, adapting to the surroundings with subtlety. It is a geometric building that provides its distinctive touch with the multiplicity of different shapes of the ceramic pieces that surround it. Specifically, Tempio created 4 different types of plates with protrusions at different levels.

Given the location and environment of the project, the architects from the beginning were clear about the need to create an eco building, which was based on the principles of energy saving, eco-friendly material and natural visual aesthetics.

That is why they decided to use a ceramic ventilated façade, due to its multitude of advantages and the nobility of the ceramic material. In addition, the building has an area of ​​solar panels, to supply the energy necessary for its operation.

FK-2B 5/16

FK 2B-516

FK-1BB 5/16

FK 1BB 5-16

FKL 2/16

FK-L 2-16