South korea

Office Ou

The National Children’s Museum in Sejong Multifunctional Administrative City stands out for its ceramic façade, a state-of-the-art ceramic cladding that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. Designed by the prestigious architectural firm Office Ou, this museum has been awarded the prize for the best design in South Korea, thanks to its innovative ceramic façade.

This ceramic cladding not only gives the National Children’s Museum a visually impressive appearance, but also ensures durability and strength, which is essential for a building with a high traffic of visitors, mostly curious children. The choice of the ceramic façade reflects not only a concern for aesthetics, but also a commitment to sustainability and low maintenance in the long term.

The combination of ceramic façade and tile cladding in this museum creates a unique environment that stimulates curiosity and learning in children. In addition, its location in a surrounding natural environment allows for an ever-changing experience throughout the seasons, making the museum an engaging and exciting place all year round. Explore the National Children’s Museum and discover how the ceramic façade and ceramic tile come together to offer an unparalleled cultural and educational experience in an exceptional architectural setting.