LOTTE Human Resources Development Institute, Osan Campus.

88, Busan-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do

ANU Arquitecture and Urban design group

Lotte’s Human Resource Development Centre is a place that serves as a base for Lotte to grow through the education and communication of its employees. The institute embodies the company’s concept of creative and innovative education and is a place for meetings and communication exchange, prioritising the harmony between people and nature.

The site consists of a learning building and two accommodation buildings, all of which are erected in accordance with the relief and space of the terrain and, although each building is similar in shape, all three have a completely different character due to the design of their façades, for which Tempio’s ventilated façade cladding system was used.

All three buildings lead into a sunken courtyard where light hits the centre of the space allowing creativity, learning and relaxation to coexist in the same environment.


FS 20


BO 200×50