Monteparís Mayores Residence

Calle María Tarín 7, Madrid, España

Ignacio de Rojas Sánchez and José Ángel Medina

Designed by architects José Ángel Medina and Ignacio de Rojas Sánchez, the new Monteparís Mayores residence is located in the Salvador district of Madrid. It is prepared to house a total of 139 beds divided into single rooms, double rooms and flats.

The structure of the building is guided by curved and organic shapes that spread from the exterior, from the façade, to the interior, creating a network of sinuous forms that give the project character and a unique configuration.

The special façade piece FFT 1/60 was made exclusively for Monteparís Mayores and completely envelops the top of the building, making it stand out from the adjoining buildings with its bold shape and unique Green Surrey green colour EB3460.

FFT 1/60

FFT 1/60