New Zealand International Convention Centre (NZICC)

New Zealand, Australia

Peata Larkin, Warren & Mahoney, Moller Architects, Woods Bagot

The New Zealand International Convention Center (NZICC) is a large space created to host all kinds of conventions and events. Among its facilities we find a hotel, an atrium, multiple rooms for conventions, a theater and a multipurpose space for exhibitions.
Two of the facades of this building have been conceived as great works of public art: a 2,400-square-meter glass design and a 3,360-square-meter design in ceramic pieces.
The artist Peata Larkin is responsible for the artistic design of the ceramic façade and at Tempio we are proud to have manufactured the more than 13,500 pieces necessary to carry out the design, among which 9 different models of the same piece with 8 different colors were developed. As a result, more than 100 different pieces emerged.


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