Prince of wales hospital

Barker St, Randwick NSW 2031, AUSTRALIA

Architecture BVN

Prince of Wales Hospital, is a revolutionary landmark in healthcare designed by BVN Architecture. This innovative facility redefines the patient experience, and in its construction, Tempio ceramic technology plays a central role.

Tempio ventilated façade tiles, classified as Basic Skin, were chosen to clad this magnificent hospital. This category, which stands for simplicity and efficiency, translates into an exterior design that meets the highest aesthetic standards and perfectly integrates the functional and technical demands of an advanced hospital environment.

By adopting Tempio façade elements, we are incorporating a state-of-the-art ceramic material with sustainability, fire resistance, self-cleaning, acoustic and thermal insulation, and exceptional weather durability.

In the construction of this hospital, Tempio’s ceramic technology not only provides an aesthetically pleasing exterior cladding, but also actively contributes to the safety, comfort and well-being of patients and staff. The Prince of Wales Hospital is not only an innovation in healthcare, but also a standard for the harmonious integration of ceramic technology in high-performance environments.