Residencial Nature

Playa de San Juan, Alicante, España

ADORAS Atelier Architecture

Residencial Nature, Awarded in the architecture awards Outstanding Property Awards London as the best Architectural Design project 2020.

Residencial Nature, in this work 4 natural colors of Baguettes have been used, Gray GR2-20, Stone P05-05, White W00 -20 and Orange NA05-05, the façade is decorated with these baguettes anchored to the floor, wall and ceiling. It is the only one, at the moment, in the entire province of Alicante, this is what Quadratia was looking for, who are the promoters of the work and at the same time they are an architecture studio in Alicante, that this facade had a decoration and finishes different from all the other facades of the buildings around it and with these warm natural colors were intended to give a touch of warmth and color to the decoration of this façade of the Residencial Nature which is very close to the beach. The measures of the baguettes used in this building are B50x50x1205, B50x80x1205, B50x50x1529 and B50x80x1529 and 4,200 pieces of baguettes have been used for this unique building to decorate the façade.


B 5×5


B 5×8