The Frederiksberg City Campus

Copenhague, Dinamarca


The urban planning project of the new Frederiksberg University Campus, with a scope of 40,000 square meters, seeks to create a green and open space where learning and nature merge. Within this framework, the UMAEUS NOLI BYCAMPUS student residence stands out for its modern and sustainable design.

More than 2,500 square meters of its 8,800 square meters of façade are clad with tempio ceramic, a state-of-the-art material that offers durability, sustainability, energy efficiency and aesthetics. The façade, in ROMA 5 red, contrasts perfectly with the green surroundings and brings a touch of energy and vitality to the building.

UMAEUS NOLI BYCAMPUS offers students an ideal space to live and study, with all the necessary amenities to make them feel at home. The residence is a symbol of innovation and sustainability in education, offering students an ideal environment to learn and grow in an ever-changing world.

BO_160X50 White Madrid