UNSW Abercrombie Business School

Sydney, Australia

Woods Bagot / Kann Finch

For the cladding of this building, the Baguette 50 × 130 by Tempio was chosen. This majestic building is made up of large windows on its facades, on which these ceramic baguettes were installed, allowing light to enter the building or sifting it in turn, which provides an attractive visual effect and considerable energy savings. This is due to the fact that the light penetrates the building without becoming annoying, so that natural resources are taken advantage of and that the use of electric lights is not necessary.

The composition created by Tempio’s ceramic baguettes is highlighted by choosing an exquisite color palette that, when used in different baguettes, allows us to create games with different shades. The range of colors chosen takes us from white to red through yellow, giving the building a young, fresh and striking appearance, symbolizing flames of fire that give it vitality.

Baguette_5x13 Rojo R25-25

B 5X13