Zugdidi Justice House

Zugdidi, Georgia

BCQ Arquitectura Barcelona

Clear and categorical lines outline the silhouette of this headquarters building of the Ministry of Justice in Zugdidi, Georgia. The open architectural concept used by its creators perfectly reflects the values ​​that this institution must transmit.

Its structure with frameworks and superimposed volumes had to be covered with a material that respected these premises, that is why they opted for two Tempio systems: the FK- 16 and FF-C 9/65. The latter, thanks to its section of conical vertices, offers a smooth and elegant texture. The Blanco Formentera EB3210, within the range of gloss enamels, provides lightness and facilitates integration into the urban landscape. In addition, Tempio ceramic tiles offer qualities such as thermal and acoustic insulation that are ideal for buildings for public use where energy saving is an important objective.


FK 16


FF-C 9/65