South korea

Pearl Abyss’ vision for development in the digital environment is even reflected in the construction of its building. This is not just a physical space, but an architectural statement that combines technology and humanity in an exceptional way.

The building envelope features a fascinating duality. The layer of glass, symbolic of technology, represents the cutting edge and innovation that Pearl Abyss is known for. It is a reflection of its commitment to excellence in the digital world.

On the other hand, the FS20 ceramic pieces in shades of White W00-20 and Grey GR1-10 bring a human dimension to this technologically advanced construction. These colours, with their elegance and timelessness, symbolise humanity and connection to people. This underlines Pearl Abyss’ commitment to not only be a leader in technology, but also to maintain a focus on the needs and experience of people in the digital world.

Overall, the Pearl Abyss building is not just a place to work, but a statement of its business philosophy. It combines innovation and humanity in an architectural masterpiece that reflects the company’s vision and values.


FS 20


B 5X13