Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

The Smart-K centre has taken a bold step towards modernity and safety by using FS20 panel cladding in shades of GR1-10 Grey and B5-10 Black. These elegant and timeless colours not only give the building a regal look, but also underline its commitment to quality and the protection of all its users.

The choice of these claddings is not only aesthetic, but also functional. FS20 panels offer exceptional durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring that the Smart-K centre maintains its regal image over time, without compromising the safety and quality of its environment.

This focus on safety and quality of user experience is a testament to Smart-K’s commitment to excellence in all aspects of its operation. By combining modern design with superior functionality, this centre is positioned as a leader in its field and a place where users can be confident in their well-being and satisfaction.

FS-20 GR3-30

FS 20