Tapiolan Taika


The modern garden city of Tapiolan Taika, which has brought Finnish urban design to world fame, was created primarily by a group of architects led by Aarne Ervi in ​​the 1950s and 1960s. Surrounded by the coast and the park, the center consists of a central pool and an indoor pool with its outdoor pool, shopping centers and Tapiola Garden Hotel. A new design is represented by the Espoo Cultural Center.

Now, in the heart of the garden city, in the middle of a unique cultural landscape, Tapiolan Taika was born, an apartment building for whose classic white facade the architecture studio A6 Ltd, chose the Tempio FK system in EM2220 White Madrid color in 300 × 700 format placed in a staggered pattern. For the window jambs, E1850 Orange Munich was the color chosen to create a vivid contrast with the rest of the building but according to the environment in which it is located.


FK 16